Cinema Date Tips

Taking a date to a movie is a good stand by date activity. It can also seem boring and uncreative without proper planning too. Taking a date to the cinema can still be memorable with a few simple tips.
Look For Unique Venues
A movie at an average theater will be an okay date, but if you want more than okay you need to spend some time planning. Many theaters will show movies at special midnight showings. Cult classics and holiday movies are commonly found with these types of showings. You can also find niche theaters that have cafes and bars attached. Many theaters that have specialty cafes will show independent and small release movies. This can be a great way to get the conversation going after the movie and extend the date.
Research the Film
Before you decide to take a date to a movie, make sure you spend some time researching the film and matching it with your date’s tastes. It will be pointless to take your date to a horror movie if they are terrified of the genre. Also make sure you understand the premise of the movie. A film that hasn’t been researched may end up containing scenes that can make you and date uncomfortable, which will make the rest of the date awkward.
Plan Something for After
Most people do dinner first, then the movie as the finale. If you want to make the experience more memorable, plan for dinner or coffee after the movie. This will give you a change to discuss the film. For those that are awkward with conversation this can be a great option as you won’t have to struggle to find topics to discuss.


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