Going to the Movies For a Second Date

Whenever you are going to the movies for a second date you will need to be sure that you are prepared. You will find that when you take a date to the movies you will need to be sure that you pick the right movie. It is a good idea not to decide alone and give your date some options so that they can steer you in the right direction as far as what they would like to see with you.

What to See

When it comes to movies that you should go watch with your date, look for ones that are fun and light. Romantic comedies are not usually very popular with guys but the girls will love them. Scary movies are more popular with the guys but the girls will have a reason to grab onto the guys during the scary scenes. Just always try to stay away from movies that may have a lot of graphic sex or are too long. Going to a movie that is more than 2 1/2 hours long can end up boring both you and your date unless it is a really good movie.

Perfect Date Idea

You will find that it is perfect for a second date because it will allow you to enjoy the company of each other without having to talk so much. The first date is all about talking and getting to know each other. The second date is for you both to have some fun with one another and take a break from the talking.


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