Top Movie Night Date Ideas

Going to a movie on a date isn’t a bad thing. Even though this is used as a standby date activity, there are plenty of things you can do to make it more fun. Here are some great ideas that incorporate movies in to an easy date.
Go to a Festival
If you happen to be near a theater that does indie festivals every now and then, this can be a fantastic date idea. Choose a film festival and purchase a day pass. This way you can enjoy movies that may not make it in to wide release, have lunch nearby, and catch another show. These movies tend to have deeper messages and can lead to further conversation as well.
Midnight Showings
Many theaters offer midnight showings of cult classics. Around Halloween you can find midnight showings of some very popular cult classic horror films, such as the Halloween Franchise, Psycho, and others. You can also find midnight showings of classics that involve audience participation, such as The Rocky Horror Picture Show. These types of movies are a load of fun and give you something to talk about later.
Keep it at Home
If you’ve already been on a few dates, consider renting a classic that you both like and just staying in for the evening. Order some pizza or pick up take out, grab a deck of cards, and make an evening of it. This is a great way to watch a movie that isn’t in theaters, avoid the crowds, and still have an intimate setting.


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