What Movies are Suitable for a Date

You will find that it can be difficult to know what movies are suitable for a date. You will want both you and your date to have a good time and to be able to enjoy yourselves. This is something that simply cannot be done if you are both unable to enjoy the movie that you are watching. This is why you need to know what to go with and what to steer clear of.

Romantic Comedies

While more women than men prefer these movies they are often crowd pleasers. You won’t have to worry about any graphic sex scenes and you won’t need to deal with it being very boring or long. Romantic comedies are usually no more than an hour and a half long and will be something that you can usually have fun with. Plus, any guy that takes a girl to a movie that she will enjoy more than him will automatically win bonus points with her.


Guys often enjoy taking girls to see scary movies for the scenes where she will grab his arm because she is scared. These are great because it gives him a reason to put his arm around her and a reason to touch him. Scary movies can be a lot of fun for a date.

What to Avoid

Try to avoid movies that have a lot of sex in them as this can be very uncomfortable for the both of you, especially on the first date. You should also make sure that you know the story of the movie before you go to it. Try not to be surprised.


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